Our Vision and Mission

Our Vision
Being a faculty at national and international level by educating highly qualified teachers, making scientific research in general education and special education fields and making academic contribution to solving educational problems in all the countries in our country and in the world.

Our Mission
According to the principles determined by the Ministry of National Education and the Council of Higher Education, in addition to educating teachers who have gained general culture, special field and teaching-learning knowledge, skills and habits as well as scientific approach, democratic understanding, academic production, adaptation to changes in our country and in the world, team work and multidisciplinary who have the skills of communication, have the skills of communication, have the ability to use education technologies, have the values ​​of society, have the literary, artistic, sports and cultural values, have diversity as a wealth, combine theory and practice, have self-confidence and tolerance, to contribute to the improvement of quality and quantity of the education level of the society which is able to think in peace with its surroundings, think critically and express its thoughts in style, to take care of the development, to educate teachers who can learn.